Swissquote Review

Adam Fayed
2 min readOct 9, 2019


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Swiss Quote is different to some of the firms below. Even though they are a banking group, they specialize in relatively low-cost trading and investments.

Giving access to stocks, commodities, robo-advisory and many other areas, they are still regulated from Switzerland and Malta in the case of Swissquote Financial Services Malta Limited.

The range of services on offer also include:

  • An investment platform
  • FX
  • Credit Solutions

Swiss Quote is a trading platform, more than a traditional bank. Even though it was started in Switzerland, they have an arm in the UK, and the UAE.

The positives are

  • The costs are reasonable
  • The app is good in terms of technology
  • Well regulated from Switzerland

The negatives are

  • They don’t provide advice if you are looking for an advisor
  • Even though the costs are reasonable, they aren’t always super-low. For example, making trades can cost up to $50 each time. Funds cost 0.50% per year. Custody fees are charged at 0.375% every 3 months. Considering that many advisors have an all-in cost of 1%, this isn’t overly cheap
  • A Switzerland withholding tax can apply — up to 35%.
  • Switzerland has lost a lot of its appeal as a banking-hub in the last 10 years.