Saxo Bank — Saxo Capital Markets Review — Singapore, Australia and beyond

  • It is a low-cost platform with good access to a range of funds
  • The technology with the SaxoTraderGo app and Saxo Trader is good.
  • Minimum investments are just $10,000
  • Overall the investments are much better than the other banking options reviewed here. That is because this is more of an independent platform, rather than a banking platform. It is merely offered by a bank with a separate platform. They don’t focus on selling their own products, or expensive investments, unlike some of the other options discussed here.
  • For investors with the time, knowledge and self-control, therefore, this is a good option.
  • The EU-regulation is both a positive and a negative. With new EU rules coming out on a regular basis, including some which affect investors, new changes and costs can always come into the market.
  • It isn’t available to people in numerous countries — not just the US but some other countries as well. These rules are always changing as well
  • There is no access to professional advice. It is merely a DIY platform.
  • Like other DIY platforms, many people struggle with the “behavioral gap”. In other words, is going to a gym good? Of course, it is good for your health, but what is more important is how often you use it and how you use it — your technique and so on. Let’s face it, most people give up on the gym! The same with investment platforms — if you are investing for yourself your results won’t depend on the platform but your own behavior and self-control.
  • The evidence suggests that the average DIY investor trail the market because they tend to panic when markets are going down and get too excited when they are rising:



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