RL360, Zurich and Generali— PIMS, Generali Vision, Zurich Vista and Quantum Review

Contact expats out there have insurance-linked savings plans from the likes of RL360, Zurich International, Generali, Friends Provident and others.

They are sold these plans in Dubai, Qatar, Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond.

But what are the key features of these accounts? What are the charges? Are there better alternatives? What funds are available?

I have wrote the following review to help people — https://adamfayed.com/zurich-vista-review-rl360-quantum-friends-provident-hansard/

If you have one of these plans, don’t hesitate to contact me — Adam Fayed International AMG — adam.fayed@iamgltd.com

Owner at adamfayed.com.

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