Quilter Cheviot are a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM), currently owned by one of the largest players in both the UK and offshore expat financial arena (Old Mutual). They have around $30billion assets under management.

They are based in the UK, Jersey , Dubai and are used by some advisors in the expat arena. This article will review the firm, alongside suggesting what you can do if you have a portfolio with the company.

How are DFM’s used?

Increasingly, many expat financial companies are outsourcing the financial management to DFMs. So the financial advisor is selecting the DFM’s they recommend, and then using them to select investments.

In this model, the advisor is simply doing the “financial planning” part of the operation, such as finding out how much money the client can afford to invest, but then is outsourcing the investment management part of the puzzle.

What are the options available with Quilter Cheviot ?

They have a Managed Portfolio Service for those with £25,000 + to invest and a Discretionary Portfolio Service for people with £200,000 or more to invest.

What are the fees?

The fees are listed as:

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