Offshore financial advisor jobs/positions

I have met countless people in the last few years, who are looking for opportunities in the offshore financial industry, primarly servicing expat clients .

Or perhaps they are already in the industry, but are looking for a change.

The reasons are usually:

  • They want a change after working for 20–30 years in the UK or another market, perhaps due to new regulations, a slowing economy or 1001 other reasons.

I am currently looking for people to join my team. What I am looking for is people that;

  • Are already in the industry offshore or have experience in the industry. Therefore, ideally has existing clients.

In return, I can offer:

  • 65%-70% revenue share on your client accounts (more to be explained in interview). The total package is the best in the industry .

For those interested, please email me —



Owner at

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