Offshore financial advisor jobs/positions

Adam Fayed
2 min readJul 25, 2019


I have met countless people in the last few years, who are looking for opportunities in the offshore financial industry, primarly servicing expat clients .

Or perhaps they are already in the industry, but are looking for a change.

The reasons are usually:

  • They want a change after working for 20–30 years in the UK or another market, perhaps due to new regulations, a slowing economy or 1001 other reasons.
  • They feel the market they are in is saturated, so want the opportunity to work in a fast growing market, or they want to work from home.
  • They aren’t getting much lead generation support from their brokers.
  • They are being micromanaged by their existing broker.
  • They want more flexibility.
  • They aren’t getting paid on time in a small amount of instances — let’ say the broker has a cashflow issues.
  • They want to work for a fast growing firm, rather than a stagnant one. A non-corporate company, as opposed to working for a corporate style firm.

I am currently looking for people to join my team. What I am looking for is people that;

  • Are already in the industry offshore or have experience in the industry. Therefore, ideally has existing clients.
  • Can work independently.
  • Are easy to work with — not demanding.
  • Are ethical and professional.
  • Can target numerous markets rather than focusing on just 1 market.
  • People who are comfortable working remotely, or open-minded about relocating. I have had advisors from South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Qatar as some examples.
  • Have their own visa situation sorted out. In general, I can’t offer visa support
  • Local advisors and brokers, targeting local clients, are also fine, with the exception of the US and some other markets. I am particularly keen on locals focusing on South America, Mexico, South East Asia and East Asia. However, I am open to most areas.

In return, I can offer:

  • 65%-70% revenue share on your client accounts (more to be explained in interview). The total package is the best in the industry .
  • Lead support from various activities at the company level.
  • Access to providers that are digital — meaning you can manage a global client bank. As the days of the `career expat` are gone, more and more people will be in this situation of managing worldwide clients.
  • Admin support where appropriate.
  • The freedom to come with your own ideas, and encourage you to do things differently, where appropriate. Industry norms standards for industry normals. Normal actions lead to normal results. Breaking industry norms leads to abnormally good results, if done right, so I am always keen on new ideas
  • The opportunity to move into management where appropriate, with good overrirde.

For those interested, please email me —