Adam Fayed
3 min readFeb 25, 2020


We have some exciting news to announce today on!

After the success of the newsletter, with thousands of subscribers, we have a new investment app which has been released for Android and your feedback is wanted for the second version!

I announced it exclusively yesterday to my newsletter subscribers. The idea behind the app is twofold:

  1. An opportunity for people to sign up for the existing popular newsletter and the app at the same time.
  2. A way to engage people beyond the newsletter. It is an opportunity to tell us what you want investment wise, and to give value. So we will be adding various parts to the app, including a news section, in the second version.

I decided to release the app yesterday, despite the fact that it was 80% done with some “mistakes”.

This is because I believe strongly that production beats perfection. The biggest single mistake many people make, including myself previously, is “waiting for the right time”.

There is never a perfect time. If you wait for perfection you will just procrastinate and delay.

I explained my decision yesterday to my subscribers and for the first (and last time) I will make my weekly newsletter public:

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. ~Mark Twain

In reality, one of my biggest mistakes in both finance and business prior to 2017, was waiting until things are perfect to start something.

I am not alone. I am sure you also have been afraid to try things out. What if I look stupid or now isn’t the right time?

However, there will never be a perfect time to start a business. Or to invest. Or to get married.

There will always be recessions, virus’ and geopolitical risks around the world.

However, getting something 70% right today, will always beat 98% right in 5 years time.

Grant Cardone sold a best selling book full of grammar and spelling errors. It didn’t stop him.

My first videos on Youtube weren’t good in terms of quality. Not the financial content, but the IT and sound system.

My first website was basic ( and doesn’t look even half as good as now.

So what. It didn’t stop me giving value to others and gaining traction. I am certainly not taking it down.

Continuing with this theme, I have bought out a new app today. It is basic. It has some mistakes the developer couldn’t see before it went live.

Yet I am not afraid to announce it here first — — rather than keeping it a secret until it is “perfect”.

Have a play with it if you have Android. Give me some feedback about changes you would like to see in the second and third versions of the app that will look much better.

When the app is fully done it will have countless exclusive features at the end of the questionnaire.

So in your life too, don’t delay things because now isn’t the perfect time to invest or do something else.
If we wait for perfection, we never get things done.

I am also keen to get feedback on the changes you want to see on the second and third versions of the app.

So far our ideas include online valuations for clients, news and live chat at the end of the questionnaire component of the app.

If you have any ideas, you can contact me below or directly. You can access the app here on the Google Play Store.

It will be available on Apple phones soon.