NedBank Reviews

  • Wealth management
  • Banking services
  • Lending solutions
  • Fixed deposits
  • Good for banking
  • The level of service is said to be good
  • They can help set up trusts, and other structures, which helps you with succession plan options if you die and want to leave some money to your kids.
  • Decent company formation services
  • They do have low-cost options on the investment side.
  • Transparent cost structures
  • They aren’t really focused on smaller and medium-sized clients
  • In theory, having all of these options under the same roof, should be a good thing. In general though, having your investments, loans, company formation and everything in between with one bank doesn’t make sense.
  • They can become much more expensive for active and more frequent traders.
  • With the exception of pensions, there are not any tax concessions, in countless countries.




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Adam Fayed

Adam Fayed

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