Degiro Review 2019–2020

Adam Fayed
4 min readDec 11, 2019

Before we begin — something on DIY investing

Study after study has shown that DIY investors don’t do very well long-term. The main reason is emotions which means they buy high and sell low.

That doesn’t mean that every DIY investor needs an advisor. It merely means that in the same way that most people benefit from a gym instructor in the gym for motivation and knowledge, a good adviser can increase returns and self-discipline.

It is much harder to sell during a market crash, for example, when you have somebody talking in your ear about the need to be patient!

This article will review thee online platform Degiro. For investors that think DIY investing sounds too scary or difficult please email me —

Degiro Introduction

DEGIRO’ is an online broker from the Netherlands which offers low prices along with great discounts to its customers. It was established in the year ‘2008’ but started stock brokerage in the ‘2013’ for the retail investors. DEGIRO provides access to more than 60 security exchanges to its customers.

Investors can be able to buy or sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, and warrants using the DEGIRO’S online electronic trading platform or with the help of a mobile application.

The countries where investors can be able to make a trade using DEGIRO are Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Finland. People living in countries other than these cannot be able to use the services of DEGIRO.

Top-tier financial regulators such as The Dutch AFM (Authority of Financial Markets) and DNB (Den Norske Bank) approved DEGIRO to be one of the safest online brokers available in the market. In the above-mentioned 18 countries, DEGIRO has about 400,000+ customers. The investment protection feature is available for the customers for €20,000.

DEGIRO is considered to have very affordable and lowest prices available. Investors cannot be able to trade in derivatives such as CFDs (Contract for Difference) using the same DEGIRO account where other assets are traded.

Fees and Commissions:

When compared with other online brokers, Degiro provides its customers with satisfactory, affordable and lowest prices available on the market in its category.

ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) can be traded once every month with the help of DEGIRO, which is the best opportunity when it comes to investors who want to buy and hold.

DEGIRO makes a proud statement saying that it offers 84% lower fees than any other brokers available in the market. Customers won’t be experiencing any kind of fees while opening or closing an account, account fees, managing fees, inactivity fees, financing rates, etc.

‘Trading Costs’ — The trading costs are very low that any investor would want to make an investment using DEGIRO. Trading fees are the charges that are generally charged by the broker when the investor makes a trade. This can occur in the form of either commissions or spreads. Having the lowest fees available, DEGIRO can be suggested as a smart choice for people to make regular trades.

Stock Fees –The trading costs of DEGIRO may vary depending on the country of the investor. Trading fees are the same for Stocks, ETFs, and CFDs. When it comes to stock trading, DEGIRO can be said as the best option available to the investors.

  • For a $2000 trade from the USA, DEGIRO charges $0.6
  • For a $2000 trade from the United Kingdom, DEGIRO charges $2.4
  • For a $2000 trade from Germany, DEGIRO charges $5.7

It also gives discounts to its customers, if the customer who makes an investment in a country’s stock market is from the same country. For example, if a person who is from Germany chooses to make a trade in the German market, he/she will be charged 0.026% + 2 euros instead of the normal price which is 0.058% + 4 euros. These discounts can be utilized by every customer in the countries where DEGIRO is available.

Some ETFs are available at DEGIRO, in which free trade can be made every month as we have discussed earlier. The size of the trade is negligible as long as a short position isn’t generated. Not only that, but DEGIRO also gives the opportunity to make the free trade again in the same month, if the trade is made on the same ETF (with a minimum amount of $1000) in the same direction as before.

Trading Fees at DEGIRO is usually combined with flat fees and the percentage of the traded volume. It is different for the countries’ US and Canada, as the trading fees is calculated based on the trade made in the number of shares. Flat fees can be high in the case of smaller markets as well as Asian markets.

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