I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting an investment webinar on July 23, at 4pm London time. You can convert to your local time here.

I will be hosting a discussion with an SEC-regulated firm, which is also based in London.

We will discuss:

  • Investment options for American expats and US persons more generally.
  • New changes that have came from changing government rules
  • How best to maximise your wealth whilst living overseas beyond investment returns
  • How you can set up a pension whilst living overseas
  • Reporting including FBAR (foreign bank account reporting) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
  • If you are planning to live and retire overseas, is it better to wait until you are an expat, or start the process whilst you are living in America?
  • Is coronavirus likely to change the equation for Americans living overseas.

If you wish to attend the Zoom Webinar, you can contact me via

We will have an interactive Q&A session so also feel free to ask me some questions beforehand, which will be addressed during the talk.




Owner at

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Adam Fayed

Adam Fayed

Owner at

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