Adam Fayed Review

Adam Fayed
6 min readJan 19, 2024

This Adam Fayed Review will highlight all the essential information about Adam Fayed and his financial expertise. To be precise, we will cover all about his expat financial services as well as pros and cons of having him as a financial advisor.

Who is Adam Fayed?

Adam Fayed is a global expat financial advisor and wealth manager. Originating from Scotland, Adam Fayed has lived as an expat in several countries in regions like Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

As a financial advisor, Adam Fayed is typically known for providing expat financial advice on various aspects, such as:

· Expat Financial Planning

· Financial Analysis

· Financial Management

· Expat Investments and Investment Options

· Strategic Asset Allocation

· Retirement Planning

These are just a few among the array of services provided by Adam Fayed as an expat financial advisor.

He is particularly known for offering expat financial planning services and tailored investment options for high net worth individuals and expats from several countries.

He wrote several guides that highlight the importance of financial literacy.

Most of the data on his website includes information for people living abroad, which is invaluable.

Is Adam Fayed legit?

Being in the financial services industry for the past decade, Adam Fayed has a good amount of presence. This suggests that he is a reliable financial advisor. Adam Fayed is also featured in various noteworthy financial news media and publications like Forbes and CNBC, which makes us understand he is a popular and noteworthy financial advisor.

Is Adam Fayed a good financial advisor?

There are several advantages of investing with Adam Fayed and acquiring his expat financial planning services.

As a financial advisor, he had a proven track record with a substantial number of satisfied clients.

Based on the reviews and testimonials on, Adam Fayed has catered to several high net worth individuals and expats. He helped his clients achieve financial freedom with the help of his expertise in aspects like financial analysis, investment analysis, and other relevant financial expertise.

Some other sources from social media platforms confirm his expertise in providing expat investments and expat financial planning services.

Especially, if we talk about services like private equity or specialized fund access, Adam Fayed excels in providing such investment options to high net worth individuals. He is also known for not suggesting any partiality towards a specific investment or company.

Nonetheless, you should know that certain types of people cannot access the expat financial planning services or investment options provided by Adam Fayed. Particularly those from a country with restrictions on investments.

Investing with Adam Fayed: Eligibility, Investment Minimums, Fees

Who should invest with Adam Fayed?

People who are looking for expat financial planning services, expat financial advice, and expat investments can profit from the services offered by Adam Fayed.

On the other hand, Adam Fayed also offers expertise in aspects such as retirement planning, strategic asset allocation, expat property purchase assistance, private equity, and so on.

People who want to have a long-term investment solution with access to unconventional funds.

High net worth individuals seeking reliable financial advisor with access to restricted investment options.

Who shouldn’t invest with Adam Fayed?

Individuals who are from countries with heavy restrictions like the United States should not invest with Adam Fayed.

It has been clearly mentioned on his official website that he cannot provide expat financial planning services and investment options for American expats or residents.

Another category of individuals who cannot get benefits from acquiring the financial services of Adam Fayed are those seeking Crypto investments. Adam Fayed says that he doesn’t suggest individuals to get involved with risky investment options such as cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and other risky investments like hedge funds, derivatives, etc.

Furthermore, Adam Fayed is not known for providing expat financial planning services such as tax advice.

Additionally, people seeking a financial professional who charges based on profit sharing concept or on a performance basis cannot obtain his financial solutions.

You can always find out more about whether or not you can obtain his services by contacting him.

How much can I invest with Adam Fayed?

The cost for investment options provided by Adam Fayed differ on a tiered basis. In general, people can acquire the financial planning services and investment options from Adam Fayed by investing an amount of at least $500 per month or $50,000 as a lump sum amount. However, people who can invest an amount of at least $150,000 can acquire top-notch financial services.

People who tend to invest an amount more than $150,000 can deal with Adam Fayed directly and get the necessary services.

People who opt for the $5,000 per month option or the $50,000 lump sum amount get to deal with Adam Fayed’s team.

Adam Fayed fees

The fee structure for the expat financial planning, expat financial advice, and expat investments differs based on circumstances.

For accounts under $500,000, there’s a minimum 1% management fee yearly.

Discounts apply for larger amounts, with substantial reductions above $1 million.

Long-term clients receive discounts; for instance, a $200,000 investment might have a 1% fee for the first 8 years, dropping to 0.1%-0.3% annually afterward.

Shorter-term structures generally have slightly higher fees.

Existing clients enjoy discounts on specific assets.

Negotiations with fund providers sometimes result in 0%-1% charges for solutions offered to high-net-worth individuals.

Fees encourage long-term relationships, decreasing over time.

Monthly account fees typically range from 1.15%-1.9% annually, and platform fees are beyond control.

Regardless of account size, fees never go below 0.5% per year and aren’t negotiable.

It is wise to contact Adam Fayed or his team to find out the exact costs related to the services you require.

Are the investment options provided by Adam Fayed profitable?

Adam Fayed is known to offer tailored financial solutions based on the client’s specific circumstances.

Adam Fayed tailors each solution to individual clients based on their risk appetite.

Some clients opt for a portfolio exclusively comprised of ETFs or fixed returns, while others invest in assets typically accessible only to high net worth individuals.

Although specific portfolios cannot be disclosed, Adam Fayed has utilized investments such as

· BlackRock managed index funds

· Vanguard S&P500 index

· iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF

Additionally, he provides access to professional funds, usually reserved for ultra-high-net-worth investors, often at discounted prices.

While historical returns averaging 12%-20% per annum have been observed, it’s essential to note that past performance does not guarantee future results.

Nonetheless, many clients view these assets as integral to their diversification strategy.

Adam Fayed vs banks and other firms

Adam Fayed’s service is better when compared to banks, hedge funds, or private equity firms.

Many of these institutions charge substantial fees, such as 2% annually plus 20% of profits, and often restrict access to high-net-worth opportunities unless significant sums are invested.

Banks may provide generic solutions, lack tailored approaches, and potentially have conflicts of interest by promoting their own investment funds.

Furthermore, banks may encounter issues with accounts when clients move overseas, and some may even close or limit account functionality.

Larger client portfolios with banks often incur additional charges, including percentage fees on top of high trading fees.

In contrast, the platforms utilized by Adam Fayed typically charge as little as $20-$40 per trade, irrespective of the trade size.

Moreover, clients benefit from discounts based on larger investments and longer durations.

The combination of lower fees, increased portability, and diverse investment choices distinguishes Adam Fayed’s service from traditional banking institutions.

Adam Fayed has clients in 109 countries and offices in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He is a regular contributor to Forbes and is one of the most viewed financial writer on Quora with 715 million views. He is not affiliated with third party financial institutions and doesn’t sell client data.

Adam Fayed has conducted podcasts with TV personality and investor Kevin O’Leary.

How can I contact Adam Fayed?

To get in contact with Adam Fayed, you can use the following methods:


WhatsApp: +44 7393 450 837


Alternatively, you can ask for a Skype call or Zoom call from the ‘Apply Now’ section of his website.