Adam Fayed: Financial Consultant Review

Adam Fayed
6 min readJan 18, 2024

Adam Fayed, a seasoned investment advisor and expat wealth management consultant, has garnered a commendable reputation in the financial industry over his decade-long tenure.

Known for his innovative approach to wealth management and investment strategies, Fayed specializes in tailoring solutions for expatriates and high-net-worth individuals.

Adam Fayed hails from Scotland and has spent a significant portion of his career living and working in diverse locations such as Japan, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, Adam holds professional qualifications in financial planning, underscoring his commitment to industry standards. Beyond his role as an advisor, he is also a notable entrepreneur, author, and columnist at Forbes.

With an extensive body of work in finance and wealth management, Adam Fayed has become the most viewed financial writer on, boasting over 625 million views in recent years. Additionally, he maintains a monthly column on Forbes and is a distinguished member of the Forbes Business Council, further affirming his credibility.

As a British expat himself, his acute understanding of the unique financial challenges faced by those living abroad has positioned him as a trusted advisor on a global scale.

In fact, his foray into the financial industry began early, driven by a dissatisfaction with the intricacies and inefficiencies of the investment process. This dissatisfaction fueled his ambition to develop a streamlined system that would empower individuals to invest with ease and profitability. The fruition of this ambition is reflected in his award-winning wealth management services.

The spectrum of services offered by Adam is designed to assist clients in growing and preserving their wealth. Tailored for expatriates and high-net-worth individuals, these services cater to varying needs and financial thresholds. Clients can engage with Adam directly for wealth preservation, money management strategies, and expat mortgages if they possess assets totaling at least $150,000.

For those with a minimum investment capability of $50,000 or the ability to invest $500 per month, Fayed’s team provides comprehensive savings and investment solutions tailored for retirement or other long-term goals. Additionally, Adam extends a one-on-one wealth management advisory service for clients seeking a more personalized approach.

Client success stories shared on Fayed’s website offer insights into the tangible benefits of his services. An expat from India, Ankur Pogula, commends Adam Fayed for his responsiveness and insightful advice, noting a 7% increase in his accounts in one year. Similarly, Gaelle Tresallet highlights Fayed’s competence, professionalism, and commitment to understanding her financial goals.

How do you know if Adam Fayed is the right expat financial advisor for you?

For expatriates seeking financial advisory services, the choice of a proficient and reliable advisor is paramount. Individuals are all different, and by the very nature of being an expat and living abroad necessitate a tailored approach.

When consulting with Adam, or any financial advisor, take note of the following key criteria:

Global Perspective and Experience: One of the primary considerations for expatriates is an advisor’s ability to comprehend and navigate the global financial landscape.

Adam Fayed’s extensive international experience, having lived and worked in diverse regions such as Japan, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia, positions him as a seasoned professional with a nuanced understanding of the financial intricacies faced by expatriates.

Certifications and Professional Qualifications: Expatriates should prioritize advisors with reputable certifications and professional qualifications. Adam Fayed’s own certification is with the Chartered Insurance Institute, focusing on financial planning, underscores his commitment to maintaining industry standards and ensuring a high level of expertise in the field.

There are also other qualifications you may want, however. The scope of financial advisory services is broad, and financial advisors often have degrees in finance, economics, or related fields. They may hold certifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Tailored Expat Financial Advice: Effective financial advisory services for expatriates demand a customized approach that addresses the unique challenges associated with living abroad. Adam Fayed specializes in providing tailor-made solutions for expatriates and high-net-worth individuals, acknowledging and addressing their specific financial needs.

Adam’s website, for instance, provides a free and comprehensive library of information tailor-made for expats and their varying circumstances that you can browse at leisure.

Accessibility and Communication: Given the potential geographical distance between expatriates and their advisors, effective communication is vital. Adam Fayed’s online availability, as highlighted by client testimonials, showcases his commitment to prompt and accessible communication. This aspect is crucial for maintaining a robust client-advisor relationship despite the physical separation of being across the globe.

Transparency and Ethical Practices: Expats should also seek advisors who adhere to transparent and ethical practices. To this end, Adam Fayed’s reputation for honesty, reliability, and ethical conduct, as praised by clients like Gaelle Tresallet, reaffirms his commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in financial advisory services.

Proven Track Record: A financial advisor’s track record is a testament to their proficiency in managing wealth and providing successful outcomes for clients.

Adam Fayed’s award-winning wealth management services and the positive performance of client accounts, exemplified by success stories like Ankur Pogula’s, contribute to a robust track record that instills confidence in prospective expat clients.

Comprehensive Service Offerings: Finally, expats should look for advisors who offer a comprehensive suite of services to address various aspects of their financial needs.

This is not limited to Adam. While Adam Fayed’s range of services, covering wealth preservation, money management strategies, expat mortgages, and personalized one-on-one advisory, ensures a holistic approach to expatriate wealth management, your own individual needs might differ.

Adam Fayed, with his extensive international exposure, professional qualifications, commitment to tailored expatriate solutions, accessibility, ethical practices, and proven success, emerges as a fitting choice for expatriates seeking expert financial guidance.

As a versatile and trusted advisor, Adam Fayed aligns with the key criteria that expatriates should prioritize when navigating the complex landscape of financial advisory services.

Should you consult Adam Fayed for expat financial planning and expat wealth managment?

In the realm of expatriate wealth management, addressing risks and ensuring a resilient financial portfolio is crucial. Expats often face a unique set of uncertainties, including currency fluctuations, geopolitical changes, and varied tax landscapes.

Keep the following in mind when deciding whether to invest with a financial advisor and wealth management specialist like Adam:

Understanding Risks Faced by Expats: Expats encounter distinct financial risks due to their international lifestyle. These risks may include exposure to multiple currencies, changes in taxation policies across borders, and geopolitical uncertainties. An adept financial advisor for expatriates should be well-versed in identifying and mitigating these risks.

Diversification Strategies: Diversification, the practice of spreading investments across different assets and geographic regions, is a cornerstone of risk management.

Adam Fayed’s expertise is evident in his imaginative diversification recommendations, as praised by clients like Jon Cotton. By devising strategic investment plans that encompass various asset classes and global markets, Adam endeavors to minimize the impact of localized risks on his clients’ wealth.

Adaptability to Changing Economic Environments: The financial landscape is dynamic, with economic conditions evolving over time.

Adam Fayed’s commitment to staying abreast of market trends and adjusting investment strategies accordingly is an essential aspect of his wealth management services. This adaptability ensures that expatriates can navigate changing economic environments with confidence.

Balancing Risk and Return: Diversification not only mitigates risks but also aims to optimize returns. Adam Fayed’s wealth management philosophy emphasizes the delicate balance between risk and return, tailoring investment strategies to align with the unique financial goals and risk tolerance of his expatriate clients.

Educating Clients on Diversification Benefits: A key aspect of effective wealth management is ensuring that clients understand the benefits of diversification. Adam Fayed goes beyond providing expat investment advice; he educates clients on the rationale behind diversification and how it acts as a safeguard against unforeseen market events, contributing to informed decision-making.

Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies: Diversification is not a one-time effort; it requires continuous monitoring and adjustments based on market dynamics. Adam’s proactive approach involves regular reviews of investment portfolios, ensuring that they remain aligned with clients’ objectives and adapting strategies to accommodate changing market conditions.

Adam Fayed goes beyond providing advisory services; he actively educates clients on financial principles and the rationale behind investment strategies. Investors who value a comprehensive understanding of their financial decisions may appreciate the educational initiatives woven into Fayed’s approach.

For those interested in his services, client queries addressing frequently asked questions can be found on his website ( There is also an eligibility quiz to help potential clients assess their fit for his services.

Adam Fayed emerges as a highly recommended financial advisor, especially for expatriates and high-net-worth individuals. His comprehensive and personalized approach, coupled with a wealth of practical experience, positions him as a reliable guide for those seeking to navigate the complexities of wealth management.

Whether you are an expat or an individual planning your financial future, reaching out to Adam Fayed could be a strategic move towards achieving financial success.