A Brief Look At The Best Investment Option For Expats

Adam Fayed
2 min readDec 1, 2019

Investing can see complicated for expats, as many don’t know where they will be next. Whether you are in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Singapore, Qatar or various European countries, you might not know where you will fly to next or whether you will be home.

This is where my expertise can come in. I help people with expat investments that are:


As an expat, you don’t know where you will be next. The days of the career expat are largely gone. Therefore, it is essential that you have a portable solution, which isn’t linked so heavily to your current residency and can be topped up and continued globally.

Make use of ETFs

Good-quality ETFs can lower your costs, and increase your performance, if you use them in the right way, with regular rebalancing and so on.

Portfolios like the ones below, can be tailored to your attitude to risk and situation in life:

Making use of alternative investments within the same portfolio

For a few investors, it can make sense to hold alternative investments within the same portfolio as ETFs.


Nobody can predict what will happen to markets in the years ahead, What we do know, however, is that you give yourself the best chance of success if you:

  • Invest long-term
  • Never try to time markets
  • Are globally diversified

Frequently asked questions

In this section, I will answer some FAQs

What’s your account minimums?

$600 on the monthly accounts and $75,000 on the lump sum accounts.

What are the fees?

I typically charge 1% of the account value, but that also depends on the size of your portfolio. For portfolios above $500,000, I usually charge a bit less.

Are markets overvalued right now?

People have been saying that markets are overvalued for over 200 years! Ultimately, the markets have always gone higher, because of the survival of the fittest nature of the stock market.

The Model T was innovation 100+ years ago. AI and other forms of new technology are innovative today. In another 50 years, the biggest and most profitable firms will most likely make Amazon and Apple of 2019 look like old fashioned companies.

Do you offer some other services?

I help expat clients who want to invest in properties without the hassles associated with that, alongside second residencies.

What’s your contact details?

advice@adamfayed.com is my main contact details and I am also available on numerous apps.

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