A few days ago I visited the Jameson Factory in Dublin. What did the tour tell me about business and success? Below is a list:

  1. Nobody likes corporate anymore — even though Jameson might be a “cooler brand” compared to 99% of big firms in the world, the person showing us around kept assuring the group that he wasn’t just trotting out corporate lines.
  2. Success doesn’t always last — At one stage, Irish whisky had a 80%-90% market share around the world. The good times seemed to be going on and on. Then the company was almost dead, due to a combination of two world wars and prohibition in the US. In the 1960s, they merged with two other firms in Ireland, to have a “last throw of the dice”. Whilst the company might have recovered today, Irish whisky has never caught up with marketshare seen by their Scottish competitors.

To carry on reading — https://adamfayed.com/5-things-i-learned-at-the-jameson-factory-tour/

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