Adam Fayed
2 min readNov 26, 2019

Many people know that cash isn’t a good investment and that wealthier people work for assets rather than money for consumption alone, but what are the assets which are most likely to pay off?

This article will review four such assets.

Your Own Business

Working for yourself can be a great decision, compared to selling your time for money. However, countless people want to start their own business, so it is a competitive landscape. The statistics show that people who have industry experience, are far more likely to succeed.

The more industry experience you have, the more contacts, clients or knowledge you are likely to possess. That is one of the reasons for the stats below, which shows that older owners are more likely to succeed in business

Not that you would believe it, if you listened to the media, who like to tell stories about young founders, working out of their parents garage, who make it.

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